Introduction to works of art at Accura in Alexandriahuset, Nordhavn

In connection with the development and construction of Accura’s new office building in Nordhavn (referred to as Alexandriahuset), we wanted to create the perfect setting for a modern and visionary advisory business.

As a significant element of this major and ambitious project, we have integrated an art project because it has been important that art, architecture and choice of materials interact in the beautiful architectural gem that Alexandriahuset represents. We have focused primarily on newly established and semi-established Danish contemporary artists with input from Northern artists. Generally, the artists and the art have a long-term potential, and we have aimed at achieving a broad range of genres and artists of different genders and ages.

Throughout the process, it has been important to Accura to allow free rein to the artists’ artistic freedom, while maintaining a close dialogue with the curator, the art committee and the artists, allowing them to take this opportunity to develop or rethink their art. The artists approached the task very differently, and some of them have chosen to make their contributions more explicit and topical.

“Accura’s art collection/artwork originates from a desire to support, primarily, newly established and semi-established Danish and Northern artists, allowing free rein to their artistic freedom. We wanted to make courageous, exciting and untraditional choices to create a diverse collection of art that matches our level of ambition for the office building as a whole. It’s been a very exciting and educational project, and our external curator Gry Stockinger Broe-Andersen has been a great help,” says partner and CEO Ivan Madsen.

“I’m proud and grateful to be able to work as a curator on an art project like this one with a business that recognises the importance of art and culture and is willing to make both courageous and untraditional decisions in terms of art. Several of the artists involved in the project have expressed their enthusiasm for that,” says Gry Stockinger Broe-Andersen.

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