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At Accura, you will have an ambitious, tailored and attractive career. No matter where you are in your career, we go to great lengths to support your personal and professional development. You will also be part of a strong community built on a flat and informal structure, the ability to cooperate across our areas of expertise and the will to succeed together.

We take a commercial and solution-oriented approach to everything we do. It is our ambition to be the greatest law firm to work for in Denmark, and we attach great importance to good employment terms and the best possible working environment.

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Focused career and development

As a business, Accura is determined on pursuing a focused strategy. We use the same determination and focus in working with career and development. Both when employing new employees and when planning career and development for existing employees. Your training period will be tailored to your professional skills and preferences, your personal qualities and wishes as well as your approach to work assignments.

Accura offers you a career at a specialised corporate law firm with a strategy of being the best advisor to businesses on large transactions and complex projects.

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Unique culture of cooperation

We have a flat and informal structure where you will work in dynamic sub-teams within your own team and in teams across legal specialist areas. The cooperation in Accura is driven by a positive work energy and a common goal to create results together. This gives you the opportunity to build a professional network and strong relations across teams and seniority.

Positive working environment

We focus on the individual employee’s job satisfaction as our success and strong community are largely driven by our employees’ professional skills and personal well-being, energy and commitment. We will follow up on this at the annual performance review, which is supplemented by an employee satisfaction survey three times a year, measuring job satisfaction, development and feedback.

Studying abroad and professional development training

Accura supports employees wishing to travel abroad to continue their professional development and gain international experience. As an attorney or legal advisor, you may therefore take leave of absence for the purpose of continuing your professional development training or being posted.

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Overtime scheme

Accura offers attractive salary and employment terms. If you choose to work extra hours, you will receive payment in the ratio 1:1 already from the first hour of overtime work. All hours count – also the non-billable hours. You may choose to have the extra hours paid out or spend them on lieu days and/or holiday.


During your first time at Accura, a tutor will be assigned to you to ensure that you will get a good start here at Accura. On your first day, you will be invited to a welcome breakfast with your team and a tour of Accura where you will meet your new colleagues. Your onboarding programme also includes several introduction courses focusing on our legal and administrative systems.

Accura Academy

We offer you supplementary professional, personal and commercial development through our internal course programme Accura Academy, where we will provide up to 70 tailored courses per year within law, litigation, personal development, languages and IT.

Social Accura

With more than 550 employees, there are plenty of opportunities to build a strong network within Accura. Our social environment is a high priority and we hold many events both within the teams and Friday after-work bars and summer and Christmas parties across all our teams. In addition, we have our trip abroad every two years, which is a very special shared experience.

A la Cura

Our staff restaurant A la Cura serves a healthy and tempting breakfast and lunch every day. We focus on ecology and fresh products and cook almost all meals from scratch. We also have a takeaway scheme at favourable prices.

Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) is a strategically important area to us. Therefore, it is a permanent agenda item at meetings of Accura’s board of directors. Our diversity and inclusion manager drives and develops our D&I efforts in close collaboration with our diversity council and our HR team.

Maternity/paternity leave

You are entitled to 24 weeks’ paid maternity/paternity leave as a parent. We would like to contribute to your well-being during your maternity/paternity leave, e.g. by way of Accura’s maternity/paternity forum and a buddy scheme during your maternity/paternity leave so that you can keep in touch with your colleagues in the process.


Our health committee organises health-promoting and active events as a voluntary offer for everyone, e.g. running, CrossFit and Pilates. We also support our football team who has won the prestigious attorney football tournament for the past two years.


We have various gross salary agreements such as Business Travel Card, onsite massage scheme and educational books. We also offer other favourable discount schemes including clothes shops, furniture shops, fitness centres and restaurants and a dry-cleaning arrangement.