Client information

Code of conduct

The General Council of the Danish Bar and Law Society (Advokatrådet) has prepared a Code of Conduct (de Advokatetiske Regler) setting out the Danish legal profession’s requirements for Danish attorneys practising law as regards their professional standards and business ethics.

Under section 13 of the Code of Conduct, attorneys are required to provide clients with the following information:

Accura Advokatpartnerselskab
Tuborg Boulevard 1
2900 Hellerup

Phone +45 3945 2800
Fax +45 3945 2801
Email [email protected]
CVR no. 33039018

Accura’s attorneys have been licensed by the Danish Ministry of Justice and are members of the Danish Bar and Law Society (Advokatsamfundet). Now and then, Accura also employs persons who are licensed to practise law in other EU countries. These persons are registered with the Danish Bar and Law Society and practise law in Denmark on the basis of their foreign titles.

Accura has taken out a liability insurance and provided a guarantee in accordance with the rules of the Danish Bar and Law Society. The liability insurance covers any legal assistance irrespective of where such assistance is provided. The partners and staff who are not licensed to practise law are also covered by Accura’s liability insurance. Accura’s liability insurance and guarantee have been taken out with AIG Europe Limited, Osvald Helmuths Vej 4, 2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark.

We will inform the client of any public legal aid provided by current Danish legislation or any legal aid available under an insurance taken out by the client if relevant in relation to the specific case. If our fees are to be paid by a public authority or an insurance company, on a preliminary or final basis, we will inform the client of the principles for the fixing of fees and the possible consequences for the client.

Any dispute relating to Accura’s legal services will be solved according to Accura’s terms of business or any engagement letter entered into with the client.

In accordance with the rules of the Danish Bar and Law Society and Accura’s internal rules, we will examine whether there is a conflict of interest or loyalty before taking on a case. If it has been agreed with the client that Accura cooperates with others on the provision of assistance to the client, we will, at the client’s request, provide information on the measures taken by Accura to avoid any conflict of interest or loyalty in that respect.

Accura’s attorneys are subject to the provisions on attorneys of the Danish Administration of Justice Act (retsplejeloven), including the supervisory and disciplinary system of the Danish Bar and Law Society, and the provisions on professional conduct for attorneys (Reglerne om god advokatskik); see section 126 of the Administration of Justice Act. Moreover, the Code of Conduct for the Danish Bar and Law Society applies. The Code lays down requirements for attorneys’ professional standard and ethics. We refer to the Danish Bar and Law Society’s website