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Legal trainee in Renewable Energy

Are you curious about what it is like being a legal trainee in the Renewable Energy Team at Accura? Wiktor wants to give you an inside look into this. He is a legal trainee in our newly established specialised Renewable Energy Team, and here he describes his daily life as a legal trainee in the team.

What is Renewable Energy?
Renewable Energy is a team that focuses on providing advice to business clients who invest in, develop or otherwise contribute to or are part of renewable energy projects.

The team is sort of divided into two teams. One team advises on large development projects, including solar parks or wind farms, and the most recent “Power-to-X” projects. The other team provides more conventional M&A advice within renewable energy assisting on investments, mergers, acquisitions, etc.

Our team is special as our legal advice is very industry-specific and includes a lot of technical knowledge. Furthermore, our work is very internationally oriented as the projects on which we advise are set up all over the world. We follow our clients and, therefore, we have established an office in Singapore so that we can be close to the projects.

Our team is very young and composed of many different nationalities making everyday life more fun and dynamic. We mostly speak English at the office and this also applies in relation to our work where pretty much everything is in English.

What is it like to be a legal trainee at Accura?
It is cool working at Accura. The balance between work and social events is good, both within the team and throughout Accura. Such events include large parties, excursions and “small” celebrations.

Already as a legal trainee, you are presented with challenges at assistant attorney level, which is extremely educational. This also provides you with some sense of comfort in your abilities when you later start as an assistant attorney and have to handle the “heavy” work assignments. But you are never on your own since Accura attaches great importance to training and sparring. Accordingly, I can always ask my colleagues if I am unsure about anything. The doors are always open.

Furthermore, your education is the main focus and, of course, Accura takes account of exam periods and general pressure in connection with your studies. 

What does your typical working day look like, and which work assignments do you have as a legal trainee in Renewable Energy?
I get to draft agreements such as non-disclosure agreements, purchase agreements, development agreements and shareholders’ agreements. Furthermore, you are typically assigned to one or more projects or investments, which you follow from A to Z, and with respect to which you may participate in contract negotiation meetings with clients and opposing parties.

My typical working day starts slowly by eating breakfast at the office where I create an overview of my assignments for the day, read news and check my emails. Then I grab a large cup of coffee, of course, and I am ready to throw myself into my work. Yes, I drink a lot of coffee, but fortunately it is good here. My working day varies a lot depending on the current projects and whether we have received other urgent assignments. Therefore, my day is rarely scheduled in advance as I often receive other assignments during the day.

We also have a good atmosphere here at the office and Accura embraces a cosy chat, laughter and funny initiatives. We prioritise eating lunch together where we do not necessarily need to talk about work.

Do you have any other relevant comments?
The job as a legal trainee has really whetted my appetite, and I am looking very much forward to continuing as an assistant attorney from August 2022. Also, all of Accura will travel to Spain for a weekend in September and I am looking so much forward to it. I do not know what else to say except: Be sure to apply for a position with us and become part of the best team in Denmark!