New education programme for legal advisors in the legal industry

Together with Bruun & Hjejle, Horten and the Legal Advisor to the Danish Government/Advokatfirmaet Poul Schmith, Accura is launching an education programme specifically for corporate legal advisors, including in particular junior legal advisors with an MSc in Business Administration & Commercial Law who are employed in the legal industry.

The programme, which includes six course modules, focuses on basic lawyer skills and will create a foundation for corporate legal advisors’ work within the legal industry.

A trend in the legal industry is to employ more people with an MSc in Business Administration and Commercial Law, so-called legal advisors; but they are not entitled to participate in the education of future lawyers (advokatuddannelsen).

Legal advisors have always been strongly represented at Accura. Two legal advisors were part of Accura already when it was formed in 1999 and, since then, legal advisors have typically constituted approx. 10% of our legal staff. At present, 15% of our students participate in the education programme for legal advisors, and 11% of our assistant attorneys and 12% of our attorneys are legal advisors.

The education programme leans against the education of future lawyers but has been adapted to employees with an MSc in Business Administration and Commercial Law. To conclude the programme, a business case etc. must be solved in small groups. Moreover, the education programme will help create a network among corporate legal advisors across the companies.

The education programme begins in August 2020 and ends in the spring of 2021. In future, the plan is to offer the education programme once a year.