Foreign Direct Investments – FDI

In recent years, foreign direct investments have become a focus area all over the world. Particularly in view of the Covid-19 crisis and energy crisis as well as the war in Ukraine, political concerns about the effects of foreign investments and the wish to protect important national interests have resulted in many countries having introduced or expanded existing FDI screening schemes for the purpose of ensuring that foreign direct investments do not threaten national security or public order.

Regulation of foreign direct investments (FDI) in Denmark and internationally is a core area of our legal services.

The Danish authorities’ processing of FDI notifications is for the most part confi-dential, and, therefore, knowledge of such processing will first and foremost be acquired through practical experience from specific cases. Our position as a leading law firm in Denmark in the M&A market, both in terms of the number and the amount of transactions, has provided us with unique knowledge and experience of the Danish authorities’ processing of FDI notifications.

Danish businesses’ foreign investments may be subject to FDI regulation in other countries, and international transactions may require FDI approval in several countries with different sets of rules. In Accura, we collaborate closely with leading law firms all over the world on dealing with cross-border FDI regulation.

Our FDI team advises on all aspects of FDI regulation, including:

  • analysing the need for authorisation and/or notification of foreign investments etc. in Denmark or abroad
  • structuring, drafting and handling pre-screenings, authorisations and notifications
  • drafting and negotiating any commitment, carve-outs or other solutions
  • ongoing project management throughout the FDI process

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We have contributed with the chapter about the Danish FDI regulation in The International Comparative Legal Guide to: Foreign Direct Investment Regimes 2024, Global Legal Group Ltd. London.

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