NTI Group

NTI Group sold
to Axcel

Person der laver 3D software ved en computer.

NTI Group sold to Axcel

The European consultancy and software company NTI Group has been sold to Axcel.

NTI Group is a leading full-service supplier of digitial and sustainable solutions for the manufacturing, design and construction industries and is among the largest European Autodesk partners.

Since 2004, NTI Group has expanded its presence in Sweden, Norway, Germany, Iceland, the Netherlands, Italy and Spain, most recently with the acquisition of Cadcraft.

In 2021, NTI Group traded for more than one billion, and the company has approx. 600 employees.

Axcel is a Danish private equity fund that invests in tech companies, focusing on growth, internationalisation and transformation.

Accura advised NTI Group and its owners in connection with the transaction that required the acquisition of shares from more than 50 minority shareholders in seven countries and reinvestments from the company’s majority shareholder and all minority shareholders. The transaction is subject to the usual public authority approvals and is expected to be completed in Q3 2022.