Renewable Energy Partnership I

Novo Holdings, Sampension
and European Energy
enter into partnership

Onshore vindmøllepark.

Novo Holdings, Sampension and European Energy enter into partnership

Novo Holdings, Sampension and European Energy will establish a new, joint partnership to boost the green transition in Denmark and Sweden. The partnership will be established as a new investment fund under the name Renewable Energy Partnership I, and the capital contributed by the parties will be used to purchase land for the construction of solar and wind farms.

In addition to acquiring land suitable for constructing renewable energy plants, the partnership will explore the opportunities for combining food production and energy production as well as convert lowland soils to green energy production. This may lead to both increased biodiversity and be a double benefit for the climate if more CO2 is bound in the lowland soils concurrently with the construction of green energy plants.

The parties expect the collaboration to contribute to Denmark getting one step closer to the ambitions in the Danish Climate Act to have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 70% in 2030. In addition, the conversion of agricultural land to green energy plants will strengthen the conditions for achieving cleaner groundwater.

Accura advised Novo Holdings and Sampension in connection with the establishment of and investments in Renewable Energy Partnership I.