Mjølner Informatics

Norlys acquires Danish
IT company

Computer software.

Norlys acquires Danish IT company

The Danish telecommunications and energy group Norlys has acquired the Danish IT company Mjølner Informatics.

Mjølner Informatics has existed since 1988 and specialises in innovative and tailored solutions within software development, digital design, UX, data insights and IoT. Mjølner Informatics was formed as a result of a Nordic research project, and, with its location in Aarhus, Denmark, the company remains close to the city’s research environment.

Norlys is Denmark’s largest telecommunications and energy group. The company has more than 2,800 employees and provides more than 1 million homes with electricity and internet.

The acquisition of Mjølner Informatics is part of a large IT transformation at Norlys, and, therefore, the need for both IT resources and IT competences is greater than ever. In connection with the acquisition of Mjølner Informatics, Norlys transfers 84 of its IT employees in Norlys IT to Mjølner Informatics.

Mjølner Informatics will continue to focus heavily on its other customers and, according to plan, they will constitute at least half of the aggregated portfolio. Moreover, the current CEO Brian Gottorp Jeppesen will continue in his current position and as co-owner.

The transaction is subject to the approval from the Danish competition authorities.

Accura advised Norlys in connection with all the legal aspects of the transaction.