Vinkel Bioenergi

New Danish joint venture
invests in biogas plant

Adskillige Bioenergi siloer.

New Danish joint venture invests in biogas plant

A joint venture consisting of the asset manager Maigaard & Molbech and the energy developer European Energy has invested in the Danish biogas plant Vinkel Bioenergi.

Vinkel Bioenergi is the largest biogas plant in Denmark. The plant was commissioned in 2019 and converts more than 400,000 tons of biomass to biogas every year. Vinkel Bioenergi supplies biogas to approx. 25,000 households every year and is located near Skive, Denmark.

Maigaard & Molbech is a multi-family office managing wealthy families’ assets through investments in several asset classes. The investment in Vinkel Bioenergi is part of Maigaard & Molbech’s future plan to establish a circular bioeconomic group.

European Energy is an international energy developer based in Denmark. The company has more than 250 employees in 9 offices located in 6 countries.

European Energy can use CO2 extracted by Vinkel Bioenergi to produce e-methanol through the company’s activities within Power-to-X. E-methanol may e.g. be used as fuel in the shipping industry and in other heavy transport.

Accura advised Maigaard & Molbech and European Energy in connection with the transaction.