LBP Engineering

MOE acquires specialised
engineering company

Ingeniører der planlægger på en byggeplads.

MOE acquires specialised engineering company

The engineering company MOE owned by the French engineering group Artelia Group has acquired the Danish company LBP Engineering.

LBP Engineering was formed in 2004 and provides specialised engineering consultancy particularly within the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. The company has 56 employees in offices in Vipperød and Søborg, Denmark.

As a result of the acquisition, a special pharmaceutical unit has been formed which, through a combination of MOE’s and LBP Engineering’s qualifications, will be among the largest providers of consultancy services to the Danish pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

MOE is one of Denmark’s largest consulting engineering companies providing full-service advisory services within the classical engineering disciplines and having expertise within several specialist areas. With the acquisition of LBP Engineering, the number of employees at MOE will exceed 1,100.

In 2019, MOE became a part of the multidisciplinary consultancy engineering group Artelia Group employing 6,700 people in offices in more than 40 countries.

Accura advised MOE in connection with the transaction.