Minority shareholding in
Scanmetals sold to Core
Sustainability Capital

Metal samlebånd på en fabrik.

Minority shareholding in Scanmetals sold to Core Sustainability Capital

The owners of Scanmetals have sold a share of 33% to the recently established private equity fund Core Sustainability Capital (“CS Capital”).

Scanmetals has a leading market position in Western Europe within the recovery of non-ferrous metal from incinerator bottom ash. The recovered metals are then cleaned and sold to smelters worldwide. Scanmetals may thereby play an important role in the green transition by providing the possibility of reusing the metals in new products.

Scanmetals was founded in 2009 by Ejvind Pedersen. The company is headquartered in Kirke Stillinge, Denmark, and has four production facilities in Denmark, Germany and England.

In 2019, Kirk Kapital acquired 33% of the share capital in Scanmetals and has since increased the share capital to 40%. Going forward, CS Capital and Kirk Kapital will own 33% each, and Ejvind Pedersen and the original shareholders will own 33%.

CS Capital was founded in 2022. The private equity fund solely invests in Nordic businesses with sustainable purposes, and it manages DKK 5bn through a partnership with the Danish pension fund Velliv. The investment in Scanmetals is the first investment by CS Capital.

The transaction is subject to approval from the Danish competition authorities.

Accura advised the sellers and Scanmetals in connection with the transaction.

Photo: Scanmetals