DLG invests in the biogas company BioCirc

Biogasanlæg nær mark.

DLG invests in the biogas company BioCirc

The agricultural group DLG has invested a large triple-digit million amount in the Danish biogas company BioCirc.

BioCirc was founded in 2021. Today, it is Denmark’s second-largest manufacturer of biogas with five large biogas plants in Jutland and on Zealand, Denmark. The company has offices in Middelfart and Copenhagen, Denmark, and has approx. 100 employees. BioCirc is backed by several Danish investors, and the company is managed by the family office Maigaard & Molbech.

The new collaboration between BioCirc and DLG is meant to ensure the key role of the agricultural industry in the green transition within the energy area. The farmers are already BioCirc’s primary business partners as they supply a large part of the biomass which is converted into CO2-neutral energy.

BioCirc’s ambition in the long run is to establish land-based circular energy clusters, and the plan is to concentrate biogas production, solar parks and wind farms and technologies such as electrolysis, Power-to-X, biorefining of grass and pyrolysis. These energy clusters will help ensure a full green transition locally in the participating municipalities and will contribute to achieving their climate goals for 2030.

Accura advised BioCirc in connection with the transaction.