Iglsø Biogas, Vesthimmerland Biogas and Grønhøj Biogas

Circular bioeconomic
group invests in three
biogas plants

Tre biogasanlæg set fra fugleperspektiv.

Circular bioeconomic group invests in three biogas plants

Focusing on the green transition, the company BioCirc invests in three additional biogas plants, Grønhøj Biogas, Iglsø Biogas and Vesthimmerland Biogas. The three biogas plants can produce a total of approx. 50 million m3 biogas per year. In January, the first investment was made in the biogas plant Vinkel Bioenergi in Skive, Denmark.

The investments are a part of a large plan to create a large circular bioeconomic group. BioCirc’s ambition is to create a coherent cluster of green technologies, production facilities and businesses that may exploit each other and contribute to a more sustainable agricultural industry. Moreover, one of BioCirc’s goals is to become Denmark’s largest producer of biogas.

Accura advised BioCirc in connection with the three transactions.

Photo: Lundsbybiogas.dk