Accura participates in a new research project with a focus on gender diversity in the legal profession

A new three-year research project is designed to identify how the legal profession can retain talented women and increase gender diversity at partner and executive level.

The project has been initiated by the Council of the Danish Bar and Law Society, and anthropologist Pernille Slots Lysgaard will provide clarification on the issues.

The project will include field studies and workshops at the offices of the participating law firms, where participants will be observed and executives and employees at all levels will be interviewed. This is done to identify the complexities, barriers and dilemmas that exist in relation to obtaining more gender diversity in the legal profession and in the senior management of law firms.

One of the aims of the project is to provide new knowledge which may also provide tools for the corporate sector in general and politicians on how to create a labour market that is more attractive to female executives.

The financing of the project comes from funds and contributions from the participating law firms.

Accura supports the project and we are also part of the advisory board who will monitor the project closely. We look forward to contributing with our input and knowledge to promote this important agenda.