Accura increases its efforts and strengthens its position within competition law

Accura strengthens its advisory services within competition law and extends its team of partners to include one of the leading and truly outstanding profiles in the market.

Competition law aspects are an essential part of large, complex, international transactions. Considering the public authorities’ increasing focus on competition regulation, we expect that this field will only continue to expand.

As a result, Accura has decided to substantially increase its efforts and strengthen its position within competition law.

Simon Evers Hjelmborg, one of the absolute leading competition law profiles in the Danish market, will head Accura’s competition law practice, and he will also join Accura’s board of directors. In addition, Christian Monberg will join as an associate partner and Amalie Secher Geertsen, MSc in Economics, as a director.

Thomas Weincke, partner and chairman of Accura’s board of directors, looks forward to welcoming Simon and the team:

Competition law is a very important part of our M&A advisory services, and it is becoming increasingly essential for our clients and their commercial considerations to receive proactive and strategic advice within this field.

Therefore, we are very pleased and proud that we have succeeded in attracting a profile such as Simon. Simon is a market leader in his field, and he also brings outstanding personal, commercial and managerial qualities that are important for Accura to have when we continue to expand our position as one of the leading Danish law firms in completing complex transactions.

With Simon, Christian and Amalie on our team, we take one step further to fulfil our ambition of being a law firm in a league of our own.

Adding three new heavy-weight profiles to an already strong competition law team, Accura is able to offer high-end advice within all aspects of the competition law landscape.

Simon Evers Hjelmborg looks forward to joining Accura’s team of partners:

As a partner in Accura, I will have the opportunity to embark on the journey towards the distinct market position which Accura is well on its way to assume.

To me, it is also a motive power to become part of a law firm with a quite exceptional commercial drive and where the will and urge to create something unique for the clients are deeply rooted in the company’s and the partners’ DNA.

I also look forward to becoming co-owner of a law firm with a focused strategy which I am excited to leave my stamp on and help develop further. And of course, I look forward to continuing to develop a strong competition law team who already includes profiles known wide and far in the market and who is now also joined by Christian and Amalie.

For further information, please contact Thomas Weincke, partner and chairman of the board of directors, by telephone on +45 3078 6678.