Watch Medier
takes over
ownership of

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Watch Medier takes over ownership of Kommunikationsforum

The media house Watch Medier has taken over 100% of the shares of the digital medium Kommunikationsforum.

Kommunikationsforum started as a hobby project in 1999 among a group of employees at the communications agency Advice. Since then, the medium has developed into an independent business and has become Denmark’s leading digital meeting platform for the communications industry.

Now, the goal is to strengthen Kommunikationsforum’s position vis-à-vis the professional communicators via editorial investments etc.

Watch Medier is owned by JP/Politikens Hus and has become Denmark’s largest business newsdesk in just a few years. The media house employs approx. 170 employees and publishes 20 niche media in Denmark, Norway and Germany.

Accura advised Watch Medier in connection with the transaction.