VELUX Gruppen

VELUX enters into a
20-year, strategic
partnership with WWF

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VELUX enters into a 20-year, strategic partnership with WWF

VELUX Gruppen enters into an innovative partnership with World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), in which VELUX Gruppen commits to capturing the group’s entire historical carbon footprint towards 2041. The commitment to the climate means that 5.6m tons of CO2 must be captured by several large forest projects that will also preserve some of the world’s most valuable and biodiversity-rich rainforests. The partnership will contribute to VELUX Gruppen becoming Lifetime Carbon Neutral by its 100th birthday in 2041.

In the course of the partnership, VELUX Gruppen will invest in five forest projects selected and operated by WWF which will preserve and restore close to 200,000 hectares of tropical forest with high biodiversity value.

It is expected that up to 10 million new trees will be planted and that jobs and sustainable development will be created for the local populations as an integral part of the forest projects.

The first two out of five forest projects have already been identified and will be located in Uganda and Myanmar.

Accura advised VELUX in connection with the conclusion of the partnership.

For further information about the partnership, please read the press release.