Avenida Consult

Right People Group acquires Avenida Consult


Right People Group acquires Avenida Consult

The IT freelance provider Right People Group, which is majority-owned by the private equity fund Capidea, acquires the consulting business Avenida Consult (“Avenida”).

Avenida is an IT consulting business specialising in providing freelance IT consultants. Avenida provides services to leading Danish companies and public institutions and is operated by a team of nine employees and an extensive network of more than 2,500 freelancers.

The acquisition of Avenida is part of a strategic effort for Right People Group to expand and optimise its service delivery and accelerate growth in a rapidly evolving IT service market. The transaction is Right People Group’s first since Capidea acquired the company back in January 2024 with the assistance of Accura.

The transaction is subject to approval by the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority.

Accura advised Right People Group and Capidea in connection with the transaction.