REMA 1000

REMA 1000 divests
20 stores


REMA 1000 divests 20 stores

Accura assisted REMA 1000 Denmark with the acquisition of the majority of ALDI’s stores, projects and logistics centres in Denmark. The transaction was approved by the Danish competition authorities in August, and REMA 1000 Denmark will take over the stores and logistics centres successively in the second half of 2023.

REMA 1000 Denmark has divested 20 stores to Lidl, Dagrofa and Coop, including own stores and stores acquired from ALDI. Lidl takes over ten stores, Dagrofa takes over seven stores and Coop takes over three stores. The divestments are made strategically, and some of the locations are subject to the approval of the Danish competition authorities. The divestments to Lidl and Dagrofa are subject to separate new approvals by the Danish competition authorities. The divestment is expected to be completed at the beginning of 2024.

REMA 1000 Denmark is part of the Nordic retail group Reitan Retail.

Accura advised Reitan Retail and REMA 1000 on the divestment.