PensionDanmark invests in
Danish cleantech company

Offshore vindmøllepark.

PensionDanmark invests in Danish cleantech company

By way of a three-digit million kroner investment, PensionDanmark will be a new minority shareholder in the Danish cleantech company Stiesdal.

Stiesdal works to mitigate climate change through four different technologies such as floating offshore wind foundations, energy storage technology, PtX technology and pyrolysis plans for atmospheric carbon capture and storage and biofuel production.

Since its formation in 2016, Stiesdal has made strong progress in developing innovative solutions for use in the green transition. PensionDanmark’s investment is allocated towards Stiesdal’s continued product development.

PensionDanmark is the largest labour market pension fund in Denmark. The fund manages labour market pensions, health insurance schemes and education funds covered by business schemes and collective agreements for 770,000 members and is known for focusing on sustainability and responsibility.

Accura advised PensionDanmark in connection with the investment.