Green2X receives million
kroner investment

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Green2X receives million kroner investment

Green2X (formerly known as Vordingborg Biofuel) has received a two-digit million kroner investment from several investors.

Green2X was formed in 2020 and works with the production of bio-methane as a green biofuel, extracted from wheaten straw as biomass. The straw is delivered by the grain producers in the area. After the straw has been converted to biofuel, the nutrients in the straw may be returned as fertiliser.

The green bio-methane may be used to replace fossil fuels, which are used in, for example, shipping.

The future bio-methane production site at Vordingborg Havn, Denmark, is expected to be ready for production sometime during 2025.

Accura advised Green2X and its parent company Bio Briq Holding in connection with the investment.