IWA Consulting

Global life science consultancy completes Danish acquisition

Reagensglas der indeholder væske.

Global life science consultancy completes Danish acquisition

The Danish life science consultancy IWA Consulting has been sold to French Voisin Consulting Life Sciences.

IWA Consulting was formed in 1999 and provides expert consultancy services at a global scale to public and private clients in the biotech, pharmaceuticals and medical device industry.

Voisin Consulting Life Sciences is a team of more than 150 life science professionals advising biotech, pharmaceuticals and medtech manufacturers on product development and product launch. The business has offices in the US, France, England, Switzerland, India and now also in Denmark.

With the acquisition of IWA Consulting, Voisin Consulting Life Sciences strengthens its business on the Nordic market where the demand for IWA Consulting’s highly specialised consultancy services has continued to increase for several years.

The day-to-day management will continue after the acquisition.

Accura advised the owners and IWA Consulting in connection with the sale.