Mul10 Metal og Mul10 ProSafe

BMI-owned J.A. Plastindustri acquires two businesses


BMI-owned J.A. Plastindustri acquires two businesses

J.A. Plastindustri, which is owned by BMI Group, has acquired the two businesses Mul10 Metal and Mul10 ProSafe.

Mul10 Metal was formed in 2000 and manufactures profiles and roof accessories at its metal factory in Eastern Jutland by means of advanced robotics technology. Mul10 Metal also manufactures console systems used for installing solar panels.

Mul10 ProSafe is a leading supplier of quality-assured fall protection for roof structures. The anchoring system is manufactured by Mul10 Metal.

J.A. Plastindustri was formed in 1974 and develops roof accessories to match all types of materials, colours and surfaces. BMI Group has owned the business since 2017. BMI Group is headquartered in London with entities and production facilities in Europe, Asia and Africa and more than 9,500 employees worldwide. BMI Group is a leading supplier of roof products and waterproofing solutions in Europe with a significant presence in parts of Asia and Africa.

Accura advised J.A. Plastindustri and BMI Group in connection with the transaction.