Taconic Biosciences

Avista Capital Partners
acquires Taconic

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Avista Capital Partners acquires Taconic Biosciences

The private equity fund Avista Capital Partners has acquired the biotech company Taconic Biosciences (“Taconic”).

Taconic is a global leader within the breeding and colony management of rodents for use in the early stages of the development of new medicinal products. The company designs and manufactures the so-called Genetically Engineered Models (“GEMs”) which are used in, for example, research at biotech and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

Taconic was formed in 1952 and is headquartered in Albany, New York. The company has production and breeding facilities in a range of countries, including Denmark where two locations of approx. 20,000 m2 make up the largest European presence. The Taconic Group traded for more than DKK 1bn in 2021.

Avista Capital Partners primarily invests in businesses within healthcare services and has invested USD 8bn since 2005 in more than 40 businesses.

Accura advised Avista Capital Partners in connection with the Danish part of the transaction, which represented a significant part of the total transaction.