Acurra billede af den nye foye.

Accura staffs up on diversity and inclusion

Accura has a clear ambition of having diversity at all organisational levels. It is about attracting, developing and retaining a diverse talent pool. It is also about having an inclusive management team who knows how to turn diversity into value and benefit for our employees and clients.

“We want to be an attractive workplace for our employees, while continuing to offer top advisory services to our clients. To this end, diversity and inclusion are important competitive parameters which we want to strengthen,” says Thomas Weincke, partner and chairman of Accura’s board of directors.

For some time now, we have been working internally with diversity and inclusion, e.g. in our Diversity Council. It has been a rewarding process, and we want to give the same high priority to our diversity and inclusion efforts as to other strategic areas. We are therefore staffing up with Natalia Rogaczewska as Accura’s new Diversity & Inclusion Manager.

“We’re very happy to welcome Natalia as an authority in the field to Accura. She has just the right profile to develop and challenge us all in our continuing diversity and inclusion efforts, and we look forward to collaborating with her,” says Thomas Weincke.

Natalia Rogaczewska has in-depth experience of management, protection of interests and organisational development, nationally and internationally. She is a member of the Confederation of Danish Industry’s working group More Women in Consulting and writes about gender diversity and equal opportunity on a regular basis for the online paper Altinget. Moreover, Natalia operates her own business VÆRDBAR, advising on strategic management of maternity and paternity leave in relation to increased competitiveness, gender diversity and inclusive management.

“Diversity and inclusion are important to competitiveness with increasing demands on businesses from legislators, business partners, society and employees, but also in terms of long-term human sustainability. Accura has an important and brave self-awareness that diversity and inclusion efforts require a considerable amount of work, and that the best solutions are found in an open and constructive dialogue without any quick fix. At the same time, they have high ambitions, which makes them willing to get down to the work, also in the long run. I find that unique,” says Natalia Rogaczewska.

A warm welcome to Natalia Rogaczewska, who will be based at the Copenhagen office.