Nørhede-Hjortmose near Ringkøbing

One of Denmark's largest
solar parks reaches


One of Denmark’s largest solar parks reaches “ready-to-build”

GreenGo Energy, in partnership with German Encavis AG, has achieved “ready-to-build” status for the upcoming +270-hectare “Nørhede-Hjortmose near Ringkøbing” solar park. The facility will be one of the largest in Denmark.

The solar park has a capacity of 132 MW equivalent to powering 42,000 households and at the same time replacing a significant amount of CO2 in the Danish energy production.

Encavis and GreenGo Energy signed a strategic partnership back in 2019 to build over 500 MW of subsidy-free solar energy in Denmark. The largest projects are in Ringkøbing-Skjern municipality.

The solar park is expected to be fully operational from 2026.

As lead counsel to GreenGo Energy, Accura has assisted with the development of the project since 2020, and we congratulate GreenGo Energy on reaching this impressive milestone.

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