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IPR & Life Science Newsletter

November 2018: In this edition we start a series of articles on the regulation of trade secrets. Also, update yourself on important news on European and Danish law vital to the sale of medicines: The fight against falsified medicines and perhaps a brand new pricing regime in Denmark. Open newsletter.

August 2018: Read about two significant new developments in European patent law on SPCs. Also, get updated on the topics of influencer marketing and online posting of photographs. Open newsletter.

April 2018: World IP Day-edition. Learn about two key judgments fro the CJEU; one regarding EU design law and the other on the interplay between the regulatory framework for placing medicinal products on the market and EU competition law. Open newsletter.

March 2018: An overview of the Danish government’s brand new Life Science Growth Plan, and important news on confidentiality between patent attorneys and their clients. Open newsletter.

February 2018: A broad range of topics, from a controversial new pilot programme on medicinal cannabis over key European case law on both transparency of clinical data and fraudulent trademark invoices, the Danish court system going fully digital, and important new guidelines significantly altering how to offer professionally relevant courses and congresses to Danish healthcare professionals. Open newsletter.

January 2018: How IoT and the UPC bring about significant new developments in European patent law, and new Danish rules on OTC pharma. Open newsletter.

November 2017: The important provisional measures such as preliminary injunctions before the UPC, Accura's practical Quick guide to proper use of trademarks and information on the Danish Medicines Council's newly adopted and faster process for assessment of medicinal products without added clinical value. Open newsletter.

October 2017: The procedures of litigation before the UPC, information on the improved options for registering motion marks and news on Thailand’s accession to the Madrid Protocol. Open newsletter.

August 2017: The Unified Patent Court and Guide on Pre-Launch of Medicines. Open newsletter.