FT-Technologies A/S

French conglomerate acquires Danish paving technology company



French conglomerate acquires Danish paving technology company

The French conglomerate FAYAT Group has acquired Denmark-based TF-Technologies A/S.

TF-Technologies A/S was established in 1978 and develops and manufactures software-based control systems and electronic components for road construction machinery. The solutions designed for asphalt pavers make it easier to construct a high-quality road by optimising material usage, improving mat quality and increasing productivity.

FAYAT Group has a wide range of activities within construction and road equipment. The group has an annual turnover of EUR 4.4bn and operations in 170 countries. With the acquisition of TF-Technologies A/S, FAYAT Group gains specialised skills within electronic controls and software that will help establish a future digital strategy within the road building segment.

Accura advised FAYAT Group in connection with the transaction.