eSmiley A/S

eSmiley A/S sold to VIA equity



eSmiley A/S sold to VIA equity

The Danish company eSmiley A/S has been sold to the private equity fund VIA equity.

eSmiley A/S is the leading supplier of digital solutions for professional kitchens in the Nordic countries.

The solutions from eSmiley A/S allow the customers to optimise food safety and their ongoing self-monitoring and to ensure compliance with the requirements from the food safety authorities. Furthermore, the solutions enable the customers to register and reduce food waste.

eSmiley A/S was founded in 2008 and has more than 6,000 customers in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and the UK. Their customers include small kitchens, restaurants, cafés and large industrial kitchens.

The purpose of the collaboration with VIA equity, which is a private equity fund focusing on investments in technology businesses and the service industry, is to strengthen the company’s market position and develop new solutions.

Accura advised the sellers of eSmiley A/S.