Accura partner publishes textbook on restructuring

The book “Rekonstruktion – teori og praksis” (restructuring process – theory and practice) has just been published in a new and updated second edition 2020 by Djøf Forlag


Andreas Kærsgaard Mylin, who is an attorney (right of audience before the Danish Supreme Court) and partner in Accura and heads Accura’s Restructuring & Insolvency Team, has co-authored the book. Moreover, Andreas is an external lecturer in the Master course “Insolvensret” (insolvency law) at the University of Copenhagen.

“Rekonstruktion – teori og praksis” deals with both out-of-court restructuring of businesses in distress and the rules of the Danish Bankruptcy Act on restructuring proceedings. The University of Copenhagen and Aarhus University both use this book as a textbook and as part of their syllabus, and it is also a frequently used tool for practitioners working with restructuring.

As a basis for his 6 chapters in the book, Andreas has drawn on his more than 25 years’ experience with restructuring and transfer of businesses in distress, including his participation in the interim management of e.g. ownership, management or the financial creditors of turn arounds and other restructuring matters. He is one of the leading insolvency and restructuring lawyers in Denmark, and he has been appointed as a permanent assistant to the Maritime and Commercial High Court in Copenhagen.

At Accura, Andreas has headed several high-profile and complex cases, including the bankruptcy proceedings against and restructuring of Sjælsø Gruppen, and, in 2020, he completed the largest compulsory composition in Danish history in an in-court restructuring process of PWT Group A/S who owns e.g. the chains of shops Tøjeksperten and Wagner.